Groupon's First Help Wanted Ad

Found this gem going through my old emails today. I often copy things I want to keep and paste them in an email I'll send to myself and a colleague or three with a good subject line and to tag what it is and keep it forever amongst my 200,000+ saved emails. Searching for something else, I saw and had to open an email with the subject line "Groupon's First Help Wanted Ad" that I had sent to a colleague when we were first researching the daily deal industry. Here it is:

Groupon, Chicago’s deal-a-day site, is coming to Boston! And we’re hiring a resident editor / community manager to help.

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Business Insider : Millenials Use More Coupons Than Their Parents

Here's another point in the case that Millennials are financially savvy and deeply conservative: They love using coupons.

More than 90% of Millennials (generally considered those born between 1980 and 2000) say they use coupons to plan their shopping lists, according to a new survey of 1,000 Americans from advertising firm Valassis and market research firm Ipsos. Half of Millennials also say they increased their coupon usage in the past year.

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FREE Customers! Why To Continue A Coupon Campaign That's "Only" Breaking Even

Sometimes an advertiser may consider canceling a campaign that is "only" breaking even. While I would suggest ways to optimize the ROI, I would also point out that the value of the "free" branding in getting your message out to enough people to generate that break even response has value.

Tax Prep Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist Chauncey Hutter goes a step further in Direct Response Guru Dan Kennedy's book, No B.S. Direct Marketing:

Truth be told, I'd be happy spending a dollar and getting a dollar back with a $1.00 to $1.00 ROI.


Because I am getting a customer for FREE!

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LA Times : PennySaver's abrupt closure leaves advertisers, workers in lurch

Don Chente Restaurant has tried advertising on Google, offering a check-in deal on Yelp and encouraging comments on Facebook.

But the only marketing tactic that has consistently brought in customers to the Mexican restaurant in Bell Gardens is mailing coupons to nearby homes.

On Sunday morning alone, about 15 people stopped by Don Chente to redeem a two-for-one holiday weekend deal on menudo that they had found in the weekly PennySaver coupon mailer, said Cecilia Rodriguez, the restaurant's manager for marketing.

Now, with the abrupt closing of PennySaver, Rodriguez isn't sure yet what her next move will be.

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5 Keys To Ad Sales Success

A successful career helping businesses grow through effective advertising can be extremely rewarding, both personally and financially. You can help your clients see their businesses thrive and earn a great income for yourself and your family in the process. Following are 5 keys to help unlock a thriving media sales career.

1. Make up your mind that you are going to succeed. It has been proven that the biggest factor in a successful sales career is not intelligence or industry knowledge. Though both are important, the biggest factor in sales success is optimism. A positive mental attitude and a successful self image will propel you to success.

2. Be an advertising and marketing expert. If a customer is going to trust you with their advertising dollars and the future success of their business, they must have confidence that you have the knowledge and skill to help them. Become a lifelong student of marketing, advertising, media, consumer psychology, etc...

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9 Elements Of An Effective Coupon Ad

When it comes to coupon advertising design, a well executed ad is greater than the sum of its parts. Following are the 9 basic parts of a coupon ad. Many of the descriptions of the layout elements also include, tips to optimize the element for maximum attention and redemption.

1. Offer: Make the offer value or discount HUGE in comparison to other elements as coupon. Sometimes, it the offer is buy one get one free, or buy one get one 50% off, the HUGE text will only read “FREE” or “50% Off” and then explain the required additional purchase in the qualifier text.

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Hot HVAC Promotion Strategy from Jay Abraham

Here's a hot loss leader that generates some cool profits in the HVAC business! In Jay Abraham's book, The Sticking Point Solition, he outlines the following "losing" strategy to help a Texas air conditioning company grow its sales and profits with a promotional offer on service calls over 30% below cost:

A few years ago, I worked with a small company in Texas that provided heating/air conditioning services. The owners and I did a thorough analysis of its metrics and determined that the majority of its business was driven by people who hired the company to come out and simply check up on their equipment. Out of every 100 furnaces or air conditioning units, it turned out that 80 needed work done—a solid 80 percent. This company, however, had never assessed its numbers in a strategic way. Once the owners consciously confronted the statistics, they recognized a gold mine of opportunity. I worked with them to create a new service that we called a "tune-up and seasonal readiness package" and offered it twice yearly, once in winter and once in summer, for only $19. The company lost $10 to $15 on that deal because it paid the technician $30, but on the back-end it made an average of $800 per call.

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May252015® and Inmar® Announce Strategic Relationship to Exponentially Expand CPG Offers, a leading coupon and deal community with more than 50,000 active deals, announced today a strategic relationship with Inmar Digital Promotions Network, Inc., a subsidiary of Inmar, Inc., the nation's largest processor of digital coupons. This partnership will not only bring hundreds of new print-at-home coupons and load-to-card offers to and its partner network, but it will also provide consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers with enhanced online marketing and consumer engagement opportunities.

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Valpak Begins Q1 With Strong Franchise Growth

Following a successful 2014, Valpak, a leader in local print and digital coupons, announced today that the brand is off to a strong start in 2015, signing seven new franchise agreements with new and existing franchisees. Valpak continues to grow its footprint across the United States with new franchisees this year in Central Alabama, Kansas City, North Orange County, Calif., Maryland and Virginia.

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Marketing Is Like Ranching, You Need A Good Fence

One of my favorite direct response experts, Dan Kennedy, once explained maintaining and growing a customer base by comparing it to ranching. To paraphrase Kennedy, customers in a relationship with your business are like "cattle" grazing in your pasture.

To grow, businesses must spend resources marketing to prospective acquiring more cattle and growing the value of their "ranch." What surprises Kennedy, however, is that many businesses invest thousands or even millions of dollars marketing to acquire "cattle" while failing to invest anything at all in marketing to their current customers to "build a fence" around their ranch.

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